How to Add Project-Based Learning in Moodle

One of the hottest new trends in education is project-based learning.

Unfortunately, it’s often a challenge to have successful projects in online (and other distance education) courses. Two major reasons for this are …

a) Students are left to “project manage” their own time

b) The tools of the CMS aren’t used to support students to the end

5 Classic Game Types to Gamify Your Moodle Course

If you are thinking of gamifying your Moodle course, Game Designers are way ahead of you in creating fun, engaging “problems” to solve. I always look to the gaming world for inspiration and ideas when I’m starting to gamify a course.

This week’s article is all about 5 classic gaming “types” that you can use to

Gamification Workshop: Adding Easter Eggs for more Active Classrooms

If you want a fun way to encourage students to be active explorers, consider adding “Easter Eggs” to gamify your online course. This is one of the easiest ways to incentivize and add a sense of play to the learning.

An “Easter Egg Hunt” was originally an Easter holiday game of hiding brightly coloured eggs and

How to Gamify Moodle for Adult Learners

Ever thought about gamifying your adult-level Moodle course, but got cold feet?

One complaint I often hear about gamification is that it doesn’t work for adult learners. The research does not back this up, however, and instead the OPPOSITE is actually true … adult learners WANT more gamified courses.

Check out these stats from