My goal is to help women communicate all that brilliance and expertise that’s inside their heads and get it out into the wild … where it can make the world a better, more empowering place for all of us.

My name is Neela Bell. I’ve run a design agency for 25+ years. I’m also an educator, giving me a unique insight into the worlds of education and business. In my teaching career, I specialized in online learning, Moodle course development and gamification of learning. I’ve spoken extensively at conferences, at venues large and small, virtually and on the big stage, honing my skillset in storytelling and communicating ideas effectively through visual design in presentations. I always had one goal: to have them run out of chairs in the room … to be the speaker that people looked forward to, and to be invited back year after year.

My agency specializes in helping super talented women take their hard-earned expertise and build a thriving consulting business. Most of the time, the barrier is all the scary tech/design stuff. You don’t have a website (or you built it yourself …), social media sounds like a time suck, you don’t understand funnels, you are held back by your boring presentation skills, a podcast sounds kinda fun, but YIKES …

This is where I come in. I’m going to help you figure out the nerdy stuff, strategize with you about the best ways to offer value to your “tribe” (without working endless hours), and be your coach as you build your empire. My goal: to be the person you can’t wait to talk to about your business … the sounding board, that you trust with your dreams.

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Are you just getting started as a consultant, coach, speaker or author? Maybe thinking of how to transition out of your career into your “second act” with your own company? Already have a side hustle but looking to grow it online? Want to increase engagement in your courses?
What I often coach around:
  • Online Learning + Gamification
  • Presentation Storytelling + Design
  • Consulting Business Start up / Growth
  • Email List Building + Sales Funnels
  • Selling Online Courses + Events + Masterclasses + eBooks (etc.)

If this sounds like a good fit, click the button below to book some time together! Instructions will be sent after the session is scheduled. The coaching session will be recorded and you can download your session immediately after we’re done.

60 Minute Intensive 1:1 Coaching – $150 USD
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Presentation Skills

Many experts in their field need help communicating their ideas. This is the Achilles Heel for many smart, capable women (yeah you, nervously reading all the bullet points off your slides). You don’t have to be Brené Brown to be successful, but you DO need to learn how to do three things really well:


No one attends a session (or even a meeting) just to get told information. Hooking people into your ideas with great storytelling is the secret weapon of successful presentations. What’s the “why” of your presentation? Take the listener on a journey and make THEM the hero with a dragon to slay … with you along as the guide.


Your presentation is not your handout. Poor slidedeck design wastes the opportunity to impact people with images, craft a “visual story” and engage your audience. It can also help you stay on pace and showcase your best ideas. Don’t sabotage yourself with a boring, death-by-bullet-point presentation.


When a hundred people (or one critical person) gives you an hour of their time, you need to honour that with preparation. Winging it does not sound “more natural”. When your laptop won’t connect, or you forget your clicker, or lunch runs 10 min into your timeslot (and your heart rate is through the roof) … you are confident, polished and can adjust on the fly. Under-rehearsing makes you come off nervous, rambly, and most importantly .. the IDEAS get short-changed because you forget great stuff and rush the ending.

I’d love to give you feedback on your slidedeck, help shape your stories, and be the first audience for your presentation. Contact me to book an hour together and let’s make you a speaking rockstar.
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