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Avoiding Cognitive Load Meltdown in Moodle

Cognitive load is something that is talked about a lot in Instruction Design theory … but rarely in everyday course building with online teachers.

“Cognitive Load Theory suggests that learners can absorb and retain information effectively only if it is provided in such a way that it does not “overload” their mental capacity.” (eLearning Industry)


How to Design like Michelangelo


We’ve all hit the wall of zero ideas. Staring at an empty Moodle course thinking … Oy. Where to START…

I’m a bit artsy, I realize, but I can share this with you … I never build a course by simply dumping all the content in. That’s step three or four for me. I start

How to Add Project-Based Learning in Moodle

One of the hottest new trends in education is project-based learning.

Unfortunately, it’s often a challenge to have successful projects in online (and other distance education) courses. Two major reasons for this are …

a) Students are left to “project manage” their own time

b) The tools of the CMS aren’t used to support students to the end

5 Classic Game Types to Gamify Your Moodle Course

If you are thinking of gamifying your Moodle course, Game Designers are way ahead of you in creating fun, engaging “problems” to solve. I always look to the gaming world for inspiration and ideas when I’m starting to gamify a course.

This week’s article is all about 5 classic gaming “types” that you can use to