How to Gamify Moodle for Adult Learners

Ever thought about gamifying your adult-level Moodle course, but got cold feet? One complaint I often hear about gamification is that it doesn't work for adult learners. The research does not back this up, however,

How to Unblock Your Course’s Learning Flow

We build our courses with an ideal "flow" that we expect the learning to take. We assume students come into our course, read all our intro material, then diligently work through all the assignments until

5 Critical Moodle Plugins You Need Today

If there is one thing I'm noticing in all my design work, it is the importance of five critical Moodle plugins. This little posse of plugins are what I consider essential to designing and running

How Can Moodle Badges Transform Your Course?

Moodle Badges are the fastest way to add engagement to your course. In less than an hour, you can take ANY course and boost learner motivation + completion. How do badges work? What size should