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Gamification Workshop: Adding Easter Eggs for more Active Classrooms

If you want a fun way to encourage students to be active explorers, consider adding “Easter Eggs” to gamify your online course. This is one of the easiest ways to incentivize and add a sense of play to the learning.

An “Easter Egg Hunt” was originally an Easter holiday game of hiding brightly coloured eggs and

Online Learning Research: Say Goodbye to the Wild West

For many years, online learning has been a kind of “Wild West” without common standards, best practices or large scale research into what was actually happening in online programs.

In the last several years, several organizations have taken up this important work, giving us a clearer picture of trends and best practices for online programs. The

How to Gamify Moodle for Adult Learners

Ever thought about gamifying your adult-level Moodle course, but got cold feet?

One complaint I often hear about gamification is that it doesn’t work for adult learners. The research does not back this up, however, and instead the OPPOSITE is actually true … adult learners WANT more gamified courses.

Check out these stats from

How to Unblock Your Course’s Learning Flow

We build our courses with an ideal “flow” that we expect the learning to take. We assume students come into our course, read all our intro material, then diligently work through all the assignments until completing the course.

This fantasy learning flow is supposed to look like this:

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